H&S for Supervisors

Supervisor responsibilities are outlined in the University's Responsibility, Authority and Accountability Procedure (HS336), ensure that you are aware of these.

You must attend H&S for Supervisors training (there is a separate course for lab-based supervisors and non-lab based supervisors). You can enrol through MyUNSW Training Registration or contact the UNSW Medicine H&S co-ordinator.

Induction of new staff and students

You are critical in a smooth introduction of new staff and students into SoMS. You must ensure that those under your supervision receive a thorough induction:

  • Undertake a training needs analysis
  • Ensure they are booked into any necessary training
  • Ensure they complete the training
  • Ensure that the staff/student member has undertaken any necessary vaccinations or that they have completed a refusal to be vaccinated form.
  • Ensure the staff/student is inducted into all areas where they will be expected to work
  • Explain what the after-hours policy is in the workplace
  • Explain what the visitors in the office/lab policy is (with particular reference to children in the workplace)
  • Explain the use of clearance certificates for contractors accessing labs for maintenance work
  • Explain what the policy is with regard to authorising access to work areas with respect to keys and swipe cards
  • Ensure that the research undertaken by the staff/student is covered by a risk assessment and any hazardous tasks/equipment have a SWP.
  • Ensure that any equipment introduced to the area by your staff/student is safe (e.g. electrical equipment to be tested and tagged). New equipment must have a new-to-service tag put on it.
  • Ensure students/staff are trained on all equipment and, where relevant, added to the equipment booking system.
  • Ensure that all GMO work is approved by the Institute Biosafety Committee, all radiation work is approved by the Radiation Safety Committee and animal and human research approved by the Ethics Committee
  • Ensure that the staff/student has all required licences and authorisations (e.g. radiation licence, S8 drugs authorisation)
  • Explain how to report hazards and incidents
  • Explain the emergency procedures
  • Explain what the consultation methods are within your area e.g. regular one-on-one meetings, team meetings, whole school meetings. 

If you engage a volunteer, visitor or work experience individual you must treat them as a staff/student and ensure that they get an appropriate induction. Permission must be sought from the Head of School to engage a work experience student - check the SoMS protocol.

Ongoing supervision

Ongoing supervision is important throughout the staff/student's time at the university. You may need to