Course outline for a term are typically published a week before the term commencement. You can access course outlines of previous years (up until 2010) at this link .

Course Code Course Name Course Convenor Term of Offering Course Outline
ANAT1521 Anatomy for Medical Sciences Ms Joyce El-Haddad     T2    
ANAT2111 Introductory Anatomy 

Dr Thomas Duncan (T1)

Ms Joyce El-Haddad (T2)

  ANAT2111 (T1) T2    
ANAT2241 Histology: Basic and Systematic Dr Annemiek Beverdam     T2    
ANAT2341 Embryology Dr Annemiek Beverdam       T3  
ANAT2451 Functional Anatomy for Health & Exercise Science Dr Rachel Berry  


ANAT2511 Fundamentals of Anatomy

Dr Stanley Serafin

ANAT2521 Evolution of Human Structure

A/Prof Goran Strkalj

ANAT3121 Visceral Anatomy Prof Nalini Pather   ANAT3121      
ANAT3131 Functional Anatomy of Head, Neck and Back

Dr Stanley Serafin

ANAT3141 Functional Anatomy of the Limbs A/Prof Goran Strkalj       T3  
ANAT3411 Neuroanatomy A/Prof Pascal Carrive   ANAT3411      
GENM0295 Personalised Medicine Amir Ariff       T3  
HESC1501 Introductory Exercise Science

Dr Andrew Keech

HESC1511 Exercise Programs and Behaviour

Nancy van Doorn

HESC2451 Biomechanics Dr Kirsty McDonald   HESC2451      
HESC2452 Movement Assessment and Instruction Dr Rachel Ward     T2    
HESC2501 Exercise Physiology Dr Andrew Keech        T3  
HESC3501 Advanced Exercise Science Dr Mandy Hagstrom     T2 T3  
HESC3504 Physical Activity and Health Dr Belinda Parmenter     T2    
HESC3511 Health, Exercise and Sport Psychology A/Prof James McAuley   HESC3511      
HESC3532 Movement Rehabilitation  Dr John Booth       T3  
HESC3541 Clinical Exercise Physiology Dr Matthew Jones   HESC3541      
HESC3581 Physical Activity in Special Populations A/Prof Jeanette Thom     T2    
HESC3592 Neuromuscular Rehabilitation  Dr Ria Arnold       T3  
HESC4501 Exercise Physiology Research Seminars Dr Chris Maloney   HESC4501      
HESC4502 Workplace Assessment and Rehabilitation Jessica Bellamy   HESC4502      
HESC4551 Research Project

Dr Chris Maloney(T2) 

Briana Clifford (T3)

    T2 T3  
HESC4561 Research Intership A A/Prof Carolyn Broderick      T2    
HESC4571 Research Intership B

A/Prof Carolyn Broderick 

HESC4611 Clinical Practicum A

Amanda Burdett (T1,T2,T3)

Nancy van Doorn (T1)

Dr Natalie Kwai (T2)

Dr Matthew Jones (T3)

  HESC4611 (T1) T2 T3  
HESC4622 Clinical Practicum B

Amanda Burdett (T1,T2,T3)

Nancy van Doorn (T1)

Dr Natalie Kwai (T2)

Dr Matthew Jones (T3)

  HESC4622 (T1) T2 T3  
NEUR2201 Neuroscience Fundamentals Dr Jennie Cederholm     T2    
NEUR3101 Muscle & Motor Control A/Prof Ingvars Birznieks     T2    
NEUR3121 Molecular Cellular Neuroscience

Dr Trevor Lewis

NEUR3211 Neuroscience Research Seminars

A/Prof Gila Moalem-Taylor

NEUR3221 Neurophysiology Dr John Power     T2    
NEUR4411 Behavioural Perspective in Neuroscience Dr Kelly Clemens   NEUR4411      
NEUR4421 Biomedical Perspectives in Neuroscience Dr Natasha Kumar     T2    
NEUR4441-4443 Neuroscience Honours Dr Natasha Kumar   NEUR4441-4443 T2 T3  
PATH2201 Processes in Disease A/Prof Cristan Herbert        T3  
PATH2202 Process in Deasease for Health & Exercise Science  A/Prof Cristan Herbert        T3  
PATH3205 Molecular Basis of Inflammation and Infection Prof Patsie Polly   PATH3205      
PATH3206 Cancer Pathology Dr Chaturaka Rodrigo     T2    
PATH3207 Musculoskeletal Diseases Prof Nicodemus Tedla       T3  
PATH3209 Clinical Immunology Prof Patsie Polly       T3  

Introductory Pharmacology and Toxicology

A/Prof Lu Liu       T3  

Drug Discovery, Design & Development

Dr Angela Finch

PHAR3102 Molecular Pharmacology Dr Angela Finch   PHAR3102      
PHAR3111 Clinical Pharmacology for Health and Exercise Science Dr Trudie Binder   PHAR3111      
PHAR3202 Neuropharmacology Dr Nicole Jones     T2    
PHAR3251 Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology Dr Matthew Perry   PHAR3251      
PHAR3306 Pharmacology for Optometry Dr Johnson Liu     T2    
Physiology 1A Dr Lesley Ulman   PHSL2101/2121/2501      
Physiology 1B Dr Lesley Ulman     T2    
PHSL3211 Cardiovascular Physiology & Pathophysiology Dr Tim Murphy     T2    
PHSL3221 Endocrine, Reproductive Developmental Physiology Dr Karen Gibson       T3  
SOMS1501 Inside the Criminal Mind Prof Tony Butler  Summer       SOMS1501

SOMS Research Internship

Prof Patsie Polly     T2 T3  
SOMS3050 Industry Engagement, Problem-solving and Employment Skills A/Prof Richard Vickery     T2    
SOMS3232 Cellular Mechanisms of Health and Disease A/Prof Till Boecking       T3  
SOMS4884/4888 School of Medical Sciences Honours A/Prof Cristan Herbert    SOMS4884/4888 T2 T3  

Course outlines from previous years are available here.