Neuroscience Honours » How to Apply

For entry into the Neuroscience Honours course:

  • A Science* student should have completed a neuroscience major or specialisation, along with Psychology and Medical Science students that have a background in disciplines allied to neuroscience (as evidenced, for example, by completion of NEUR courses). Other students with an interest and some background in neuroscience may be eligible to enrol in the course subject to the approval of the Neuroscience Honours Convenor.

  • A good weighted average mark (WAM) based on stage 1-3 courses is required. A WAM of 70 or more guarantees entry into the Neuroscience Honours program.

  • An applicant with a WAM of at least 60 will be considered if the weighted average for their level 3 science courses is ≥65%, or if they have done additional training, for instance as vacation scholars and they can find a supervisor to support their application.

  • The applicant must have completed all General Education courses in accordance with the program rules; e.g. for 3991 (BMedSci), 12 units in total with no units being undertaken in the Science or Medicine faculties. (Please note: all 12 units may be taken from the one faculty.)

  • The applicant must have completed 144 Units of Credit (UoC) for a 3-year degree or 192 UoC for a 4-year degree and satisfied the requirements of the program in which they are enrolled.

*This includes students in all Faculty of Science programs: i.e. Science - 3970, Advanced Science - 3962, Medical Science - 3991, etc. Students completing the 3871 Exercise Physiology program may also apply for Neuroscience Honours if they have met their program requirements with a credit average and can find a suitable project and supervisor.

You should discuss available projects with potential supervisors to discuss the honours project and eligibility/suitability for the project before submitting your application (please refer to the Honours Supervisors section). Students interested in doing honours with a supervisor in a clinical school/ hospital or who does any research/data collection at the hospitals must be fully compliant with the NSW Health Requirements.

Please see the Faculty of Science honours webpage regarding the application process.