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What sort of projects can I do?

Supervisors will have some projects for you to select from, but as the year progresses, you will be more able to direct the research.

Examples of projects conducted by students in previous years include:

  • Sleep disturbances in behavioural-variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD), which identified the biological correlates of sleep disorder in bvFTD and the impact of sleep changes on emotion processing in this diseases.
  • Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on dynamic brain bioenergetics in healthy control subjects, which measured changes in phosphate-containing metabolites in the frontal cortex of healthy subjects.
  • Obesity and the neural control of the intestine, which investigated whether the inflammatory state caused by obesity affected sympathetic and enteric nerves, by using video imaging and electrochemical recording techniques.

Please refer to the Honours Supervisors section to see available projects offered by Medical Sciences, Psychology and Institutes such as Neuroscience Research Australia, Black Dog Institute and others.