Neuroscience Honours

The Neuroscience Honours stream is run jointly by the School of Psychology and the School of Medical Sciences (SoMS). Neuroscience Honours facilitates interaction of the students with the broader neuroscience community at UNSW. The Neuroscience Honours stream is open to all students who majored in Neuroscience or who are eligible to enrol in Honours in the School of Psychology or School of Medical Sciences and have a background in disciplines allied to neuroscience (as evidenced, for example, by completion of NEUR courses).

Neuroscience Honours is a multi-disciplinary research-based course which can be taken full-time over one year or part-time over two. In this course, you will work on a research project with one or more neuroscientists affiliated with UNSW and undertake course work that will introduce you to the range of knowledge and techniques that make up modern neuroscience. This multi-faceted course is designed to enable you to develop high level research skills, especially in critical evaluation of data and communication of research results, with a specific focus on neuroscience. A list of available supervisors, their research areas, and the research skills that you would learn, are available on the Neuroscience Honours Supervisors section. 

Comparison of Honours courses:

Neuroscience Honours Psychology Honours  SoMS Honours
≥ 65 WAM ≥ 75 WAM ≥ 65 WAM
75% research
25% courses
60% research
40% courses
100% research
10000 word thesis 15000 word thesis 5000 word thesis