Neuroscience Honours

Neuroscience Honours is run jointly by the School of Medical Sciences (SoMS) and the School of Psychology. Neuroscience Honours facilitates interaction of the students with the broader neuroscience community at UNSW. 

The research project will be conducted under the supervision of an academic in SoMS or Psychology, or with a conjoint member of those schools from an Institute such as NeuRA or the Garvan, or a clinical school in the Faculty of Medicine. A list of available supervisors, their research areas, and the research skills that you would learn, are available on the Neuroscience Honours Supervisors section. 

Comparison of Honours courses:

Neuroscience Honours Psychology Honours  SoMS Honours
≥ 65 WAM ≥ 75 WAM ≥ 65 WAM
75% research
25% courses
60% research
40% courses
100% research
10000 word thesis 15000 word thesis 5000 word thesis