SoMS Honours

SoMS Honours

Current Projects

This page is currently under review however in the meantime:

For students interested in Honours, Masters or PhD in 2023, please refer to the below from the

The SoMS & SoHS Research Information Session (2023 intake) Online Event which took place on Weds 6 July 2022.

Presentation Slides: PDF presentation slides  

Event Document: Potential Projects for SoMS Honours, Neurhonours and HDR (2023 intake)

Event Recording: Overview of Honours and HDR by Honours and HDR convenors (entry requirements, enrolment procedures, assessments etc). To turn on close captions, select ‘CC’ in the bottom right corner of the screen. ‘Chapters’ can be selected in the top right corner.



Please refer to the research areas above regarding information about the honours students and honours projects in the current year.

Note: If you are enrolled and your name is not listed in the projects above, please contact the Honours Convenor.