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Postgraduate (Research)

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Digital Thesis Module on GRIS

Digital Thesis Module on GRIS was introduced in mid-2020 with online NOITS, submission and examinations.  Students and supervisors should refer to How to videos for candidates and How to videos for supervisors. Full info is provided on the Examinations Sharepoint.

Notification of Intention to Submit Thesis

Candidates are required to lodge a Notification of Intention to Submit form via GRIS two months prior to submission of their thesis. For further information please refer to the GRS Examinations Sharepoint and the Graduate Research School website regarding what you need to do before thesis submission.

Inclusion of Publications in a Thesis

As part of the new Thesis Examination Procedure, thesis as a series of publications has been replaced with inclusions of publications in a thesis. The main impact of this change is two fold. Firstly, candidates no longer need to have a minimum number of publications in order to include them in their thesis in lieu of a chapter or chapters. Secondly, candidates no longer need to submit a request to their Faculty’s Higher Degree Committee for approval to include publications in their thesis.

All candidates who submit their thesis for examination will need to complete the Inclusion of Publications Statement and include it in their thesis. 

There are three categories that candidates will fall into that this form caters to.

1.    The thesis doesn’t contain any publications; or
2.    The thesis contains part of one of their publications; or
3.    The thesis contains the inclusion of one or more publications of theirs in lieu of a chapter

If you fall into category 2 or 3, you must complete and submit the Inclusion of Publications Statement, the Authorship Declaration Form and a copy of your thesis to the Postgraduate Coordinator at least ONE month before submission date.

Further information is also available on the Thesis Examination Procedure.

Preparation and Submission

Thesis submission has gone entirely electronic and there is no longer a requirement for a hard copy of the thesis. Please ensure that you read and follow the thesis submission policies and procedures on the Graduate Research School website.