Postgraduate (Research)

Postgraduate (Research)

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Examiners’ Reports

Once all the necessary approvals have been received, your thesis will be sent to the examiners. The examiners are asked to examine your thesis within six weeks. HDR candidates should be aware that sometimes circumstances prevent examiners from returning their report in time and delays are sometimes expected.

When all the examiners’ reports have been received, they are sent to the Postgraduate Coordinator in GRIS. The Postgraduate Coordinator will then forward the examiners' reports to the supervisors via GRIS, who will then forward them on to the candidate in GRIS. The extent of revisions required will be outlined in the Postgraduate Coordinator's comments.

When the revisions are completed by the candidate and submitted via GRIS (the process is covered in the video - Submitting correct thesis and responses), the Postgraduate Coordinator will check the revisions and make a final recommendation in GRIS. Recommendations are made by the Postgraduate Coordinator (on behalf of the Head of School) or via the Higher Degree Committee depending on the outcome of the examiners’ reports. Please see the Graduate Research School website for more details. GRS will then advise the candidate of the outcome via an email.

Digital Copy

Prior to graduating, you are required to provide two digital (electronic) copies of the final version of your thesis. A final paper version of the thesis is no longer required. Please refer to the Graduate Research School website for further information.

Candidates at the School of Medical Sciences must also submit a digital copy of their final thesis to the Postgraduate Administrator.


Once the thesis has been approved and the candidate has been cleared for graduation, students will received a letter from the Graduate Research School.

The Graduations Office will then send further instructions regarding the graduation ceremony and other important information.  

Further details on graduation are available on the UNSW Graduations website.