Postgraduate (Research)

Postgraduate (Research)

Scholarships & Grants

You can check the Graduate Research School website for detailed information on postgraduate research scholarships, in particular the RTP/UPA scholarships and the RTP/UIPA scholarships. Please note that strict application guidelines and deadlines apply.

HDR candidates might get the opportunity to present at local and international conferences. Eligible candidates could apply for Funding for HDR Development and Research Training Activities

For candidates applying for the completion scholarship (3.5-4 years), the review must: -

    • outline how their progress has been delayed by the COVID-19 situation;
    • provide a detailed timeline for their thesis submission;
    • have strong supporting statements from the review panel that the completion plan is in place and is realistic.
    • have milestones with dates that are achievable (and not all at the time of the next review)

After that the student can apply for the Completion Scholarship.