Postgraduate (Research)

Postgraduate (Research)

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Reviews are held twice a year; in Semester 1, between April to July and in Semester 2, between September to November. For instance, if you began your candidature in S2-2011, your first review will be between April to July 2012; if you began in S1-2012, your first review will be between September to November 2012.

The timing of the review sessions for each full-time student will be as follows:

  • First review - first year (6-9 months from census date):
    • Candidate: Literature review completed, research plan proposed
    • Panel: Evaluate research plan
  • Second review - second year (approximately 12 months after the first review):
    • Candidate: Substantial progress made
    • Panel: Monitor progress
  • Third and final* review - third year (approximately 12 months after the second review):
    • Candidate: Experimental work being finalised, started writing papers
    • Panel: Review thesis plan and timing for submission

*Additional reviews will be scheduled every 6 months until the student submits.

A few weeks before the review, the student and the supervisor will be contacted by the Research Administrator with a proposed date and time for the review. This date and time depends on the availability of the 5 members of the review panel, usually blocked on one morning or afternoon. The cooperation and goodwill of everyone in this process is important. Failure to show at the interview is unacceptable and will be referred to the Head of School and Higher Degree Committee.


  1. You will be contacted weeks prior to your review scheduled by your School; official e-mail communications from the School will be sent to your official University e-mail address ( Please ensure that you have made the necessary forwarding rules if you do not check your University e-mail account regularly.
  2. Additional reviews may be scheduled for students (by negotiation between all parties) outside these timelines to facilitate completion of a thesis or to resolve problems in progress.
  3. Part-time students will be reviewed at least once a year.