Postgraduate (Research)

Postgraduate (Research)

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At the beginning of their candidature, each candidate and their supervisor should select the review panel which best aligns with their research interests. The School has five Review Panels to facilitate the review process.

Panel A – Nick Di Girolamo (chair), Till Boecking, Nigel Turner, Angela Finch, Nalini Pather

Panel B – Lu Liu (chair), John Hunt,  Annemiek Beverdam, Greg Smith, Fabio Luciani

Panel C – Gila Moalem-Taylor (chair), Nicodemus Tedla, Jane Butler, Jason Potas, Yann Gambin 

Panel D – Shane Thomas (chair), Patsie Polly, Thomas Fath, Chris Maloney, Darren Saunders

Panel E - Andrew Moorhouse (chair), Renee Morris, Ingvars Birznieks, Cindy Lin, Arne Ittner