Postgraduate (Research)

Postgraduate (Research)

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Continuing students need to self-enrol online in myUNSW for all terms of the UNSW HDR Calendar – Summer, Term1, Term 2 and Term 3.  You should log in to myUNSW to check your enrolment status.

  • Login to your student profile at myUNSW to self-enrol online and/or check your enrolment status.
  • Please note: In 'My Student Profile', choose the 'Update Your Enrolment' option and then click on the 'Enrolment History' button for the relevant terms to check if you are enrolled.
  • Pay any fees owed - failure to do this may prevent you from being able to complete enrolment.

N.B. For candidates returning to studies from program leave, please note the following requirements on return to studies.

  1. Supervisor(s) is expected to meet with candidate within two weeks of return to studies to check where the candidate is at, in terms of their candidature.
  2. Identify milestones to be achieved by the Research Progress Review (see point 3 below). Candidate will need to email these new milestones to the PGC c/o within a month of resuming studies.   
  3. An RPR is required within three months of return to studies. Progress of candidature at this review will be assessed against the milestones submitted to the PGC as noted in point (2) above.