Postgraduate (Research)

Postgraduate (Research)

Candidature Requirements » Thesis Submission

Thesis submission policies and procedures can be found at the UNSW Graduate Research School website.

Once you have satisfied the requirements of the higher research degree in which you are enrolled,you are required to provide two digital (electronic) copies of the final version of your thesis. A final paper version of the thesis is no longer required. Please refer to the Graduate Research School website for further information. An electronic thesis (CD/DVD) should also be submitted to the Postgraduate Administrator at the SoMS Administration office (Level 2 East, Wallace Wurth Building).

You are also required to submit a digital thesis directly to the UNSW Library; please refer to the UNSW Library website for instructions.

Thesis by Publications

Candidates considering submission of a PhD as a series of publications must apply to the Faculty Higher Degree Committee. The Faculty HDC requires a minimum of 3 publications, on a common theme, in peer-reviewed journals that are published or in press, in which the student is the first author and in which the student’s contribution is at least 50%. In addition, papers that are submitted but not yet in press may be included, as long as they represent a minority of the publications, and they are accompanied by a statement from the supervisor attesting to the publishable quality of the manuscript(s). In addition to the publications, the thesis must contain a Literature Review chapter and a Conclusions chapter. Where the candidate is not the sole author of a publication, a statement must be included regarding the contributions of others to each publication, including the writing of the publication. If the HDC approves submission in this form, the examination process, including nomination of examiners, is then conducted in the usual way.

The following documentation should be sent to the Postgraduate Coordinator at least 3 months before the intended submission date:

  • Faculty of Medicine application form
  • justification letter from the student for the inclusion of the publications
  • supporting letter from the supervisor confirming that the student has contributed to at least 50% of each publication
  • UNSW Authorship Declaration form (signed by all the co-authors for each publication)
  • copies of the publications
  • recommendation from your Panel at the most recent progress review

Further information is available on the GRS Submission of a Doctoral Thesis as a Series of Publications.