Postgraduate (Research)

Postgraduate (Research)

Candidature Requirements » Seminar Presentations

HDR candidates are expected to give a mid-candidature seminar presentation in one of the seminar series of the School or at their Research Institute/Centre (NeuRA, St Vincent’s, Garvan, etc.). This seminar should review the literature, discuss the methodologies being used/to be used in the project, and the progress/achievements to date. The format of the seminar consists of a 20-minute presentation with 10 minutes for questions. The scheduling of the seminars will be done in consultation with the student and the seminar series coordinators. The seminars are attended by academic staff and students. Students should liaise with their supervisor/s re which seminar series would fit best with each research project.

Note: The oral presentation is compulsory; however, if the student has already given an oral presentation elsewhere at a meeting or at another seminar series, then he/she will be exempted.

All PhD students should also give an exit/final seminar at the end of their candidature. This will further develop communications skills and membership of the research community, as well as inform colleagues about the major research findings from the PhD. Students should also present their final seminar before thesis submission.

SoMS students based at the Wallace Wurth Building & the Lowy Cancer Research Centre should present at one of the following:
  • ‘Neuroscience and Noncommunicable Diseases Seminars’ on Fridays at 4pm (Convenors: Greg Smith, Ingvars Birznieks and Natasha Kumar)
  • ‘Mechanisms of Disease and Translational Research Seminars’ on Wednesdays at 9am (Convenors: Blake Cochran and Michael Bertoldo)
  • ‘Adult Cancer Program Seminars’ on Tuesdays at 11am or 12pm (Convenor: Jason Wong)
  • ‘Exercise Physiology Seminars’ on the first Thursday of the month at 9am (Convenor: Jeanette Thom)
  • ‘Single Molecule Science Seminars’ date and place TBA (Convenor: Yann Gambin)
  • ‘MedEd Seminar Series’ on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 12-1pm in G15, Wallace Wurth (Convenor: Rachel Thompson)
Students based externally at NeuRA, St Vincent’s, etc. should liaise with their supervisor and contact their local area for seminar schedules.