Course & Roster Management

There are five user roles

1.     Candidate

  • anyone with a UNSW zPass may bid for specific activities by course-code, date and time.

2.     Course Convenor ( 2 per course )

  • assigns tutors from the bidding pool to each activity time-slot related to their course-codes.
  • may ignore/override bidding pool to assign known tutors
  • views payroll costs associated with these activities

3.     Roster Manager ( 1 per department )

  • may act as a course convenor in assigning tutors
  • assigns course-convenors to courses in their department
  • views payroll costs associated with activities across the department
  • think of as a “super convenor”
  • has “All Items” view within Courses table for their department

4.     Claiming

  • Manages sessional payments across all departments

5.     Administrator

  • Full access to all functions
  • May assign both Roster Managers and Course Convenors
  • Creates class series within all departments

What each user sees within the roster system is governed by their role. If not designated as one of roles 2-5 above, users will only see the Bidding function.

While Convenors and Roster Managers are respectively limited to viewing their courses and departments, they could if they wished, bid for any course on the system, irrespective of department.

Users may be both Convenors and Roster Managers, even in different departments. How this appears in the system will be explained along the way.