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(As of 2017, this system is no longer in use. This page remains for reference purposes only).

The SoMS Tutor Roster System is a web tool for assigning casual staff to teaching activities within the School of Medical Sciences.

Courses covered are across Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Physiology, as well as SOMS and MFAC.

It helps each department budget for these activities and view allocated hours for each tutor and for Administration to manage associated payroll claiming. 

While primarily focused on supporting labs and tutorials, the tool also allows course convenors to assign staff to lectures, seminars, vivas, marking, exam invigilation etc.

Instructions for:

  • Casual Staff bidding for activities
    • In most cases course convenors will have emailed potential candidates with instructions.
    • An active UNSW zPass will be required to login to the system
    • HR Payroll documents must be completed ASAP when assigned to labs, tutorials etc.
    • Issues with the roster system should be directed to the relevant course convenor(s).
  • Course Convenors, Roster Managers and Claims payment officers
  • Administrators


If you have questions about specific courses that you are bidding on, please contact the course convenor.
To report system outages, please contact UNSW IT (02) 9385 1333
For general questions :  SOMS enquiries (02) 9385 8301
or for technical issues:   Mike Williams  (02) 9385 8288