Research Support » Research Support Team

Research activity in the School is supported by a team of professional staff.

Research Manager Telephone
Kristin McBride x 58972


Research Support Officers Telephone Research Group / Precinct
Shudi Tang x 58497 Level 2 East, Wallace Wurth
Rachel Manuel x 59794 Level 3 East, Wallace Wurth
Nancy Martin La Rotta x 58066 Level 3 West, Wallace Wurth
Dixie Papast x 57752 Level 4 East, Wallace Wurth
Francesca Charlton x 53063 WWL1NW & WWL3E
Tom Sobey x 58934 Level 3, Lowy
Toshna Singh  x 57537 Level 2, Lowy

Contact the Research Support team via the MEDRIOS page here