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Use SafeSys ( to create new risk management documentation*

Safe Work Procedures (SWP)
The objective of a SWP is to ensure that written instructions have been developed for all activities that pose a risk to the health and safety of people. SWPs should be written by a staff member(s) and/or student(s) with sound, hands on experience and knowledge of the tasks.

Use Safe SYS to create your SWP (follow advice in Safe Work Procedure guidance).

Risk assessment
The objective is to ensure that all potential hazards associated with an area/task/process/equipment are identified and controlled so far as is reasonably practicable.

Use SafeSYS to create your Risk Management Form (follow advice in Risk management procedure)

Tutors completing risk assessments for undergraduate lectures should refer to the templates available in the Staff - Teaching and Learning webpage.

Completion of the forms

If you are completing a new SWP or risk management form, you should check to see if there is one already available in SafeSys then clone it and update/change to make it specific to your area, otherwise start from a new blank form in SafeSys.

(*) Note: UNSW is currently in the process of replacing Safe SYS with a new safety management system called WHS Monitor. One the transition is complete, WHS monitor should be used to create and manage Risk Management forms and Safe Work Procedures. During the transition period, some Health and Safety documents in the Faculty of Medicine and Health may be maintained on an interim solution (ACLS).

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