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SoMS has an active H&S committee which meets four times a year. Committee members are listed below and minutes are available in the Related Documents section on the right.

Committee members represent their workgroup in health and safety matters. Committee members carry out annual workplace inspections. For full terms and conditions refer to the committee constitution in Related Documents.

There are three levels of H&S committees. Consultation may start at the Level 3 SoMS H&S committee then on to the Medicine Faculty Executive Meeting (including Level 2 Health and Safety meeting) which may in turn reports to the University Level 1 H&S committee. Equally, matters discussed at the University Level 1 H&S Committee are cascaded to the Faculty Level 2 and School/Unit committees Level 3.

2017 meeting dates:

Tuesday 7th March, 2 - 3:30pm

Thursday 11th May, 2 - 3.30pm 

Tuesday 15th August, 2 - 3.30pm

Tuesday 21st November, 2 - 3.30pm

Location: Lowy meeting room 205

How to resolve H&S issues

Step 1: Talk to your supervisor or manager.

Step 2: If not resolved, report the problem to an H&S Representative or H&S Officer who will have discussions with the relevant supervisor/manager or raise the issue at the H&S Committee.

Step 3: If not resolved, the Chairperson of the Level 3 H&S Committee can refer the issue to either the Medicine Level 2 H&S Committee or to the Level 1 H&S Committee if the issue has university–wide impact.

Step 4: If not resolved, the H&S Representative or Chairperson of the Level 3 H&S Committee can invite a SafeWork NSW inspector to attend the workplace to assist in the resolution of the issue.

Advice on H&S problem resolution should be sought from the Medicine Faculty H&S Coordinator. Managers and employees must work cooperatively to resolve H&S problems, and should notify the Medicine Faculty H&S Coordinator (Gregory Maxwell  prior to requesting assistance from SafeWork NSW.


SoMS H&S Committee Members  
Cristan Herbert (WW4E & Chair)
Mark Hill (Anatomy Rep)
Brooke Thornberry (Secretary)
Peter Gunning (HoS & Employer Rep.)
John Hunt (Deputy HoS)
Anastasia Korlimbinis (SoMS Research Support Manager)
Julie Hatzi (Executive Officer)
Yati Boutcher (Exercise Physiology)
TBA (Post Graduate Rep)
Fiona Britton (WWL3)
Annika Van Hummel (WW2E)
Lawrence Lee (Level 3 Lowy)
Nigel Turner (WW3E)
Susanne Booth (Virology Division, POW and UNSW)
Rebekah Crasto (BRC Rep)
Anne Poljak (BMSF Rep, WWL4)

Officers of the committee:

Gregory Maxwell (H&S Coordinator, UNSW Medicine)
Leticia Muusers (RSO)
Allison Arndt (RSO)
Carol Au (RSO)
Tom Sobey (RSO)
Eunice Tan (RSO)
Rachael Papa (RSO)
David Agapiou (RSO)
Ken Wyse (HS Compliance Officer)
Safety supervisors
Radiation : Shudi Tang
Chemical : Matthias Klugmann
Biological : Patsie Polly