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Policies and procedures:

All travel and conference attendance must be approved by the Head of School before any travel can be booked or paid for.  Please follow the SoMS Travel Booking procedures below.

Serko is UNSW's Travel Management System (login here, self-registration guide:PDF)

SoMS Travel Booking Procedures:

Step 1.    Staff only

Conference leave and any additional recreation leave must be applied for via myUNSW.

Step 2.    Staff and Students

Complete a TR1 Travel Approval Form.

This form is to be handed to: Kristie Hudson or Elyse Atkinson for review prior to the Head of School approving it.

Step 3.    Staff only

Leave applications will be confirmed before the TR1 form is submitted to the Head of School for approval.

Step 4.    Staff and Students

TR1 form is approved travel can be booked in Serko using one of the following options:

  • SoMS Admin will book on your behalf using UNSW credit card:
  • contact (TBD)
  • Staff may book directly in Serko or by phone/email directly with one of UNSW's preferred travel suppliers:

Step 5.    Serko System – Travel Approvals

     Please select Kristie Hudson or Elyse Atkinson to approve your travel booking

If travel is funded from Research Grants, the grant holder must ensure proposed travel is an allowable expense under the fund being charged.

Travel diaries must be completed for all travel periods of 6 or more nights away from an employee’s residence including transit time: TR5 Travel Diary Form.  TR5 forms are to be uploaded to SERKO upon return as part of FBT compliance.

The School of Medical Sciences adheres to the University's Travel Policy and Procedures.

Travel insurance is provided by ACE Insurance for UNSW staff and students travelling on official University business.

Emergency travel assistance for UNSW staff and students travelling overseas is provided by International SOS

* All international travel booked through Serko, or directly with one of UNSW’s preferred travel suppliers, will automatically be entered into International SOS MyTrips.

Any travel booked independently will need to be entered manually by the traveller into MyTrips, to enable access to this emergency assistance service.