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The new Medicine finance team in now in operation and is available to support staff with: reconciling credit cards; raising invoices; raising purchase orders; processing expense reimbursements and; booking travel. Email all enquiries to .


The central purchasing service ensures efficient and cost effective purchasing. The function is streamlined, maximising purchasing expertise, ensuring accurate coding of purchases which supports financial analysis whilst optimising relationships with company representative to the advantage of SoMS. The service frees staff and researchers from the burden of processing purchases and it addresses duplication of effort and reduces delivery charges.

Research precincts and units are provided a specific day of the week for which their purchasing requests are to be received, via their Research Support Officer (RSO) or administrative staff, into the Finance Team.  The Finance Team will then convert the requests to purchase orders promptly.


All staff within SOMS are eligible to seek advice and assistance from the Finance Team.

Support Provided

The Medicine Finance Team undertakes all purchasing on behalf of the School.  

Purchase of items as per the University’s Purchasing Guidelines:

  • Equipment (eg computers, office furniture)
  • Gases
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Consumables
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Capital
  • Stationery (e.g. photocopying paper, stationery items).  See the Stationery Order Form  for approved items. Please note the specified stationery items are SOMS approved; any requests deviating from this list must be submitted with explanations relating to need and project costing codes to be debited.
  • Travel

Purchasing Forms

Provision of Support

Where a  research precinct has a dedicated RSO the RSO will support staff by providing assistance with quotations, negotiating prices with company representatives and processing purchase requests to SoMS Finance Team. The RSO will also provide training where needed and if needed refer staff to the appropriate member in the SoMS Finance Team who can provide further assistance. Where there isn’t a dedicated RSO the SoMS Finance Team will be able to assist in the above processes.  The SoMS Finance Team will circulate relevant information to staff, advising of updates to central purchasing policies and procedures


All purchasing requests for chemicals and laboratory materials must be made via Jaggaer (formerly SciQuest).  Where quotations are held for special prices these must be noted in SciQuest.

If a purchase order number is required for online purchasing of oligos/primers this must be noted in Jaggaer.

Quotations must be obtained as required under University of New South Wales purchasing guidelines.  A link is provided below under additional information.

Requests for equipment must be completed separately from Jaggaer via a Purchase Order form.  These are available in the Finance, Purchasing & Travel Forms section of the SoMS webpage, or via your RSO.  Purchase Order forms are to be submitted directly to the Finance Team together with a HS663a Pre-Purchase checklist for equipment form.

For equipment over $30,000 Large Purchase Order Approval forms must also be completed.


All staff in the SoMS will be required to use the central purchasing service for purchasing.

SoMS Finance Team

Hanny Lie

 Additional Information

This policy is supported by the UNSW Purchasing Guidelines & H&S Purchasing Guideline