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MEMPOT (initial release 1990)

MEMPOT was the first of a series of three simulated experiments,  developed as an interactive teaching program that simulates the measurement of membrane potentials on excitable cells. It shows students how resting membrane potentials and action potential peaks depend on [K] and [Na] concentrations and on their relative permeabilities.  

By about 2000 it had been purchased by more than 70 universities world-wide in at least 22 different countries. A paper describing the program was published at the end of 1990 by the American Physiological Society's journal Advances in Physiology Education [Ref. Am. J. Physiol. (259, Adv. Physiol. Educ. 4), S15-S23, 1990] and it has also been described in a chapter in Methods in Neurosciences, 10, 473-491.

ARTMEM (initial release 1993)

ARTMEM simulates an experiment to illustrate how membrane potentials are set up across an ion-selective artificial membrane and would be a good first introduction to membrane potentials, prior to using the MEMPOT program. By 2000 it had been purchased by about 20 universities in at least 10 different countries. (see Annals Biomed. Eng. 22: 218-215, 1994).

MEMCABLE (initial release 1993)

MEMCABLE simulates a microelectrode experiment which illustrated the passive time-dependent properties of a spherical neuron and the cable properties of a nerve and muscle fibre. By 2000 it had been purchased by about 20 universities in at least 12 different countries.   


The Windows versions of these programs were completed in 1999-2000 by E. Crawford in conjunction with Professor P H Barry at the University of New South Wales and have since had a few minor upgrades.


Each program includes Instructor's Manual, Student's Notes and departmental site license. They should also run with Apple Macintosh computers provided they have a fully compatible Windows/DOS emulation package.  

Program Price (excl. GST) Demo Download
MEMPOT AU $395 MemPotW V1.2 for Windows Demo
ARTMEM AU $200 ArtMem for Windows Demo
MEMCABLE AU $200 MemCableW Demo

Please enquire about upgrade prices from DOS to Windows versions.

Payments are made to Professor Barry via credit card (VISA or MasterCard) to SDR Clinical Technology, Sydney

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