SoMS, BABS and GSBE Cross-Faculty Seminar Series

2017 Seminars

22 November – Professor David Bates, University of Nottingham
Targeting alternative splicing as novel therapeutic approaches in cancer


11 October – Professor Nick Di Girolamo, School of Medical Sciences, UNSW
Stem cell grafts for corneal regeneration and vision restoration: a 10-year journey from bench to bedside and back to the bench


20 September – A/Prof Renae Ryan, School of Medical Sciences, University of Sydney
The Split Personality of Glutamate Transporters: a Chloride Channel and a Transporter


16 August – A/Prof Margie Sunde, University of Sydney
Functional amyloid structures on both sides of the host: pathogen divide


19 July – Guillaume Romet-Lemonne, Institut Jacques Monod, Paris
Different ways to disassemble actin filaments


12 July – Ludger Johannes (PhD), Institut Curie, INSERM
Lectin-driven and glycosphingolipid-dependent construction of endocytic pits


21 June –  Prof Roland Wedlich-Söldner, University of Münster
Calcium-mediated actin reset (CaAR) mediates acute cell adaptations


25 May – Prof Virgile Viasnoff, Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Singapore
From microdishes to microniches: an engineering approach to control apico-basal polarization


24 May – Dr Catherine Carmichael, Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Monash University
The EMT modulator SNAI1 drives AML development via its interaction with the histone demethylase, LSD1


17 May – Dr Shalin Naik, Molecular Medicine Division, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Single cell systems biology


10 May – A/Prof Massimo Hilliard, Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland
Axonal fusion: an alternative mechanism to repair injured axons


19 April – Dr Erinna Lee, School of Molecular Sciences, La Trobe University
Targeting cell survival and proliferation pathways in cancer


5 April – Prof Willem Ouwehand, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute & University of Cambridge
Lessons learned from genome and epigenome studies in large populations and haematological rare diseases


29 March – A/Prof Danny Hatters, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Melbourne
Building new windows to view proteostasis in health and disease



Seminar convenors: Till Boecking, Kate Poole