Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology Seminar 2016

                  Venue Lowy Level 4 seminar area or *Wallace Wurth LG02   Time 3:30 for 4:00 start

18/11/16         Prof Mathias Dutschmann, The Florey Institute, Melbourne

                             "Brain Circuits controlling Respiratory Sensory-Motor Intergration: Origins of Plasticity and Pathology"

25/11/16         Prof Mike Ryan, Monash Univesity

                           "Mitochondrial biogenesis: dynamic complexes for a dynamic organelle"

2/12/16           Dr An Do, University of California

                        "Applicatin of brain-computer interface for the restoratin of walking after spinal cord injury"

9/12/16           Prof. Vincent Hayward, University of London

                        "Early tactile processing and other mechanical niceties"



Dr. Arne Ittner  | Dr. Greg Smith

Ingvars Birznieks | Chris Maloney