Physiological significance of transient receptor potential (TRPC3) ion channels in the cochlea

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The transient receptor potential (TRPC3) ion channels provide Na+ and Ca2+ entry and are expressed in the cochlear hair cells and spiral ganglion neurons. A TRPC3 knockout mouse model will be used to test our hypotheses: (1) That loss of TRPC3 channel expression affects hearing function. (2) That TPC3 channels contribute to synaptic remodeling arising from noise exposure. (3) That TRPC3 Ca2+ entry channels contribute to cochlear hair cell Ca2+ homeostasis and regulation of membrane excitability. (4) That expression of TRPC3 channels by the spiral ganglion neurons is coupled to metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR) signaling and affects auditory nerve firing. (5) TRPC3 expression affects cochlear neural development

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  • Australian Research Council - Discovery Project|DP1097202