Stem Cells and Cancer

About us

Our work, spans both molecular and patient biology to address the twin issues of cancer and stem cells in people. Our interdisciplinary and complementary research programme integrates cancer stem cell biology with other Lowy groups working on tumour initiation, the microenvironment and inflammation, stem cell biology, drug discovery, and early clinical trials. Our previous work contributed significantly to an improved understanding of cancer stem cell biology and function, and set the stage for comprehensive characterisation of cancer stem cells and their microenvironment. Our interest in using novel technologies to foster diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer has lead to collaborations with bioengineers (e.g. nanoparticles, microfluidics, bioreactors, lab-on-a-chip) and clinicians alike. Our innovative CatchCSC platform allows for the isolation of viable cancer stem cells from the blood and their subsequent analysis in the drug response screening platform ScanCSC. Eventually our work should lead to novel precision medicine approaches and improved outcome for cancer patients with currently unmet medical need.