G-Protein Coupled Receptor Laboratory

About us

This group is headed by Dr Angela Finch, and our major research focus is to understand the regulation of activation of G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR) by drugs.  The mechanisms of GPCR activation are being explored via: (i) investigating the role of the extracellular loops in regulating the activation of GPCRs and as a site of interaction with allosteric modulator drugs in adrenergic, inflammatory (C5aR) and taste receptors and (ii) a drug discovery program which is developing urogenital selective α1-adrenoceptor antagonists for the treatment of prostate diseases and adrenoceptor modulators for Rett syndrome, seizure disorders and other neurological conditions





Current Students

  • Robert Healey (PhD)
  • Kaniz Urmi (PhD)
  • Susan Ireland (PhD)

Lab alumni (students)

  • Junli Chen (PhD)
  • Adrian Campbell (PhD)
  • Erica Leonar (PhD)
  • Sean Humphries (Honours)
  • Emily Stoddart (Honours)
  • Emilie Wilkie  (Honours)
  • Timothy Nicholas (Honours)
  • Tony Ngo (Honours)
  • Matthew Wakeham (Honours)
  • Michelle Nguyen (Honours)
  • Karmen Xu (Honours)
  • Grace Yan (Honours)
  • Woo-Ju Noh (Honours)
  • Sean So (Honours)
  • Brendan Wilkins (Honours)