Mitochondrial bioenergetics

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Research Focus

Mitochondria are the primary site of energy production within cells. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked with a number of inherited and acquired human diseases and has also been implicated in the ageing process. A major focus of our studies is to examine how alterations in mitochondrial function in different tissues influences insulin action in obesity and type 2 diabetes.

We are interested in how certain drugs and different types of dietary fats affect mitochondrial content and metabolism. We are also examining the role of post-translational modification in the function of mitochondrial proteins. Another area of research is the importance of alterations in mitochondrial bioenergetics in certain types of cancers.


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News and Events  

  • May 2017 - Nic Bentley delivers an oral presentation at the Keystone Symposia on Aging and Mechanisms of Aging-related Diseases in Japan
  • March 2017 - Jayne Barbour submits her PhD thesis

        image - Mitochondrial bioenergetics

  • February 2017 - New funding received from the Diabetes Australia Research Program to investigate muscle lipids and insulin resistance
  • January 2017 - Menghan Liu submits her PhD thesis

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  • November 2016 - Two new project grants selected for funding by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia
  • November 2016 - Nic Bentley and Jayne Barbour give oral and poster presentations at the AussieMit Meeting, Sydney

       image - Mitochondrial bioenergetics

  • November 2016 - New article from the group published in BBA Mol Cell Biol Lipids

        image - Mitochondrial bioenergetics

  • October 2016 - Azrah Samsudeen delivers an oral presentation at the Garvan Signaling Meeting, Sydney
  • October 2016 - Menghan Liu publishes first paper from her PhD in Cancer & Metabolism

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  • August 2016 - Brenna Osborne wins the Pincus Taft Young Investigator Award at the Australian Diabetes Society Meeting
  • July 2016 - Lake-Ee Quek publishes paper in Cancer & Metabolism       

        image - Mitochondrial bioenergetics

  • April 2016 - Azrah Samsudeen wins best poster presentation at the Gage Muscle Conference, Canberra



        image - Mitochondrial bioenergetics

        image - Mitochondrial bioenergetics


        image - Mitochondrial bioenergetics


        image - Mitochondrial bioenergetics




Past Lab Members:

Dr Magda Montgomery, Research Fellow, Monash University

Dr Sanket Joshi, Research Fellow UNSW


Professor David Sinclair, UNSW Sydney and Harvard Medical School, Boston

Professor Gregory Cooney, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney

Associate Professor Todd Mitchell, University of Wollongong


Grants & Funding

Funding is provided by the National and Medical Health Research Council, the Australian Research Council and the Diabetes Australia Research Program.


  • Jayne Barbour (PhD)
  • Menghan Liu (PhD)
  • Nicholas Bentley (PhD)
  • Ghazal Sultani (PhD)
  • Azrah Samsudeen (PhD)
  • Thomas Lakeland (PhD)
  • Louise Metcalfe (Honours)

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