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Sport and Exercise Medicine

Our team is interested in influencing sports policy through the translation of evidence from a laboratory setting to the sports field. Some examples of this include the development of novel biological markers of concussion and the development and implementation of heat policies for community and professional sport based on the latest research.


A/Prof Carolyn Broderick

Carolyn leads a program of research in the area of physical activity, sports injury surveillance and exercise prescription in healthy children and children with chronic disease

A/Prof David Simar

David has 15 years of research experience in the fields of Metabolism, Immunology and Exercise Physiology with an established international research group focusing on immuno-metabolism and exercise physiology

Biomechanics & Human Movement Research Group

Our team is interested in quantitative analysis of human movement with a particular focus on dance science and motor learning. The scope of research ranges from use of biomechanical techniques to assess motor skill development and physical function, through to detailed biomechanical analysis of highly skilled dancers and athletes.


Dr Rachel Ward

Rachel has over 15 years experience as a biomechanist and leads the dance science research program. Projects include analysis of the physical benefits of classical ballet training for older adults, and investigation of the use of wearable sensors for the analysis of joint movements, load and muscle fatigue.

Ms Meg Letton

Meg Letton is a MSc candidate. Her research relates to biomechanical analysis of human movement. She is currently investigating the therapeutic benefits of classical ballet training for older adults, including both functional and biomechanical outcomes.




A/Prof Nicodemus Tedla 
Prof Gary Browne         
A/Prof Ollie Jay                  


Ms Meg Letton