BEST Network

The BEST (Biomedical Education, Skills and Training) Network is a UNSW medicine led initiative, to build a nation-wide repository of Biomedical education resources online. The project is funded by a $3.3M NBN grant, to roll-out state-of-the-art Smart Sparrow Ltd eLearning technology, developed at UNSW, to high schools, TAFEs and universities across Australia.  The Network will deliver Smart Sparrow’s Adaptive eLearning technology including online virtual patients, clinics, dissecting rooms, labs and diagnostic tools, to students and professionals in medicine, nursing, allied health and medical sciences.

UNSW medicine will work on the BEST Network in collaboration with leading Australian Universities and peak industry bodies including the University of Melbourne, James Cook University and the University of Queensland.  The project will deliver a range of applications including:

·         National Medical Image Bank: A central repository of digital images for pathology, histology, anatomy and radiology. One application includes virtual microscopy (V-Microscopy), which will enable the delivery and analysis of high definition digital slides.

·         Interactive video hub: A program of live, interactive and recorded video lectures and medical procedures, delivered on demand where possible.

·         Virtual Laboratory Space (v-labs): A set of adaptable and configurable virtual laboratories, featuring rich simulated interactive learning environments.

·         Virtual Patient Clinic (v-Patients): A suite of applications that simulate real life nursing and medical procedures and tests.

·         Virtual Dissecting Room (v-dissecting):  An anatomical virtual exploration of the human body.

·         Diagnostic Case Book: A resource to guide students and practitioners through real life patient cases.

·         Adaptive Tutorials: Intelligent applications for teaching and assessment.


Professor Gary Velan
BEST Project Manager
Tel: +61 (2) 9385 1278 / 9385 8640