Ocular Diseases Research Group

About us

Our group is interested in diseases that develop in the anterior segment for the human eye including those that arise on the surface of the eye as a consequence of environmental insults, from infection or autoimmunity. Our goals are to determine the triggering factors and the mechanisms by which they develop. It is hoped that this information will provide vital clues for devising novel therapeutic strategies. Our research is conducted using patient-derived and cadaveric donor specimens including tissue, blood, DNA and cells. Animal and cell culture models compliment our tissue-based investigations using basic molecular, biochemical and genetic approaches.


Grants & Funding

The group has been continuously funded by peer reviewed category 1 project grants from the NHMRC and Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia (ORIA) for over two decades and has recently received three rounds of philanthropic funding from the George Kranitis foundation (~250,000) for research into uveitis. Prof Di Girolamo’s new technique for transplanting stem cells into patients with corneal blindness was featured on the ABC’s New Inventors program in 2010 and the ABC’s Catalyst program in 2011.