Cellular and Genetic Medicine Unit

About us

The Oncology Research Unit has five research themes:

1. Development of anti-tropomyosin drugs for childhood cancer - the development of compounds which target the cell cytoskeleton for the treatment of proliferative diseases such as cancer (Prof Peter Gunning).

2. Cytoskeletal regulation of cell signalling - the investigation of the molecular mechanisms by which a specific component of the cell’s cytoskeleton impacts on the cell cycle (Dr Jeff Stear and Prof Peter Gunning).

3. Cytoskeletal regulation of cell migration (Prof Peter Gunning).

4. Live imaging of the actin cytoskeleton (Dr Andrius Masedunskas and Prof Peter Gunning)

5. Defining the mechanism of action of anti-tropomyosin/anti-cancer compounds (Prof Peter Gunning)


Media Releases

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  • Ashleigh Swain (PhD)
  • Joyce Meiring (PhD)