Associate Professor Patsie Polly

Fields of research: Medical and Health Sciences, Gene Expression (incl. Microarray and other genome-wide approaches), Curriculum and Pedagogy

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Phone: +61 2 9385 2924
Fax: +61 2 9385 1389


  • PHD
  • Masters
  • Honours



Funding - Impact related to Learning and Teaching. I have attracted funding to the value of $5.11 million to support development of eLearning resources and conduct higher education research.

National funding

2012   $10,000 OLT Citation P. Polly CIA and G. Jones

2012   $1.2 million. Health Workforce Australia. T. Campbell, R. Kumar, B. Barry, G. Velan, P. Polly,  R. Thompson – industry partner ‘Smart Sparrow’.

2012-2013   $3.3 million, NBNNESS BEST Network, Lead investigator N. Hawkins, Committee member and Phase I Practical Project in Medicine at UNSW lead P. Polly, - industry partner ‘Smart Sparrow’.

2013   $40,000 Rural Health Continuing Education Round 2-RHCE2. Specialised continuing education program on the role of exercise in cancer management, to Accredited Exercise Physiologists, living and working in rural areas of NSW using ePortfolios and Adaptive eLearning. F. Naumann, P. Polly CIB, J-L. Yang and C. Ford.

2014   $27,900 OLT Extension Grant: Strengthening IT assisted teaching: ePortfolio use for teaching staff in higher education. J. Rowley, J. Munday, P. Polly, A. Collins


UNSW Learning and Teaching Seed Funding

2012   $2,000 Graduate capabilities and personal achievement recording in medical research based assessment in Stage 2 and 3 Pathology and Stage 4 Honours Undergraduate Science Courses: A program based approach to developing graduate employability skills. P. Polly-CIA,J. Cox, J-L. Yang, K. Coleman, M. Das and N. Hawkins

2012   $2,000 Development of professional perspective and practice through use of an ePortfolio assessment across SCIF courses and the Medical Science Program. J. Cox, P. Polly, K. Coleman, J.-L. Yang

2012   $2,000 Career development learning in a Cancer Sciences Course. J-L Yang, P. Polly, K. Coleman, M. Das and N.Hawkins


UNSW Awards

2012   $2,500 UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Initiatives that Enhance Learning P. Polly CIA and G. Jones

2015…$7,000 UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence


UNSW SEF#4 LNT Funding

2014   $25,000 Aligning assessment to track development of graduate capabilities, professional skills and life-long learning in the biomedical sciences. Polly CIA, Vickery, Cox, Finch, Herbert, Jones, Lewis, Pather, Thai, Yang.

2014   $25,000 Virtual Laboratories for Program-wide Use in Developing Analytical Skills for Medicine and Science Students. Polly CIA, Lutze-Mann, Thai

2015   $20,000 Assessment, analytics and personalised feedback for building undergraduate technical and analytical skills using virtual laboratories. Polly CIA, Lutze-Mann. Thai, Wijenayake Gamachchige

2015…$20,000 Integration of Real and Virtual Experiences in Undergraduate Laboratories. Kornfeld, Lutze-Mann, Polly, Wijenayake Gamachchige, LeBard

2015…$20,000 Creating an online resource to enhance student learning in science and medicine using state-of-the-art technology. Ferrari, Dowdell, Tedla, Brownlee, Lutze-Mann, Polly

2015…$20,000 Online knowledge maps: automated assessment and feedback to enhance learning in biomedical sciences. Velan, Vickery, Pather, Polly, Harris.


UNSW SEF#3 LNT Funding

2015/16..$199,492 “Building and Recognising Graduate Professional Skills and Identity for Graduate Employability using Standards-based Assessment, ePortfolios and Badges” Polly, UNSW Teaching Fellow


UNSW SEIF#1 Funding

2018 $170,000, Polly CIA


Funding - Impact related to Medical Research. I have attracted funding to the value of $1.6 million for project work and $2.434 million for infrastructure.

2005-2007:      $165,000 /annum-NHMRC Project Grant ID: 352419, P.Polly; CID

2006-2009:       $196,000 /annum-NHMRC Project Grant ID 428237, P.Polly; CIB

2008:               $75,000/3yrs Cancer Institute NSW Research Scholar Award. A.Corradin; P.Polly; CIA

2008:               $30,000 FRG, Faculty of Medicine-P.Polly; CIA

2010:               $18,000-UNSW FRG, Faculty of Medicine-P.Polly; CIA

2010-2011:       US$170,000-USA Muscular Dystrophy Association P. Polly CIC

2012:               $40,000 Goldstar P. Polly CIA

2012:               $42,795 MREII Ionoptix C-Pace and Contractility System P. Polly CIA

2013-2014:      Illumina RNA Hi Seq development, P. Polly CI