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My Work Experience at UNSW, Human Disease faculty has been a thrilling and exciting period of time. Everyone is so quiet, relaxed, calm and easy going that it’s such as great environment to study in and allows people to work in peace. I have been here for 5 days and already wish I could stay here and fulfil my desires and passion for this particular field. I decided to do work experience at UNSW, Human Disease Museum because I believed that doing work experience in a field I wanted to pursue later in my life would give me a brief overview of how things operate around the medical faculty. I preferred this particular field because I have a strong passion for biology, chemistry and physics and decided I wanted to do work experience relating to those fields and where else than UNSW, Human Disease. In me doing work experience at UNSW, Human Disease Museum, it won’t just allow me to see what I will be experiencing in the future, but it also allows me to further enhance my knowledge in this field of medicine. There are interesting ideas and unique objects present at UNSW which make it a very intriguing experience. The specimens of numerous diseases are all live examples of the diseases found in the past. They have specimens back to 1898. My most fascinating specimen in my opinion was the tuberculosis of the lung. This specific specimen was found in 1989 of a woman who had taken x-rays and everything but wasn’t found of having tuberculosis until after her death. I believe that a disease which is very dangerous that I have observed at the museum would be the amount of cases for pulmonary issues. I believe that the diseases with the lungs are the most horrific yet interesting. That’s why I enjoyed that sections, researching facts about the cases that happened and how the disease was back then till now and the cures developed to solve these diseases now due to the advance level of technology in society. Also, the idea of work experience will allow to me show my future employer that I have had experience in the field giving me a benefit over the other employee’s. It will express my abilities and skills in the field and help me to work in the field later on. So overall, I strongly believe that that work experience at UNSW, Human Disease Museum was the perfect decision for me as it made me feels as if I was at home while I worked and allow me to further extend and advance my skills.