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Museum of human disease; the name attracts people like me who are interested in the human body and how it works. Work experience at the museum of human disease; a once-in-a –life time experience that can be awarded to certain, blessed people, and luckily I was one of them. It is my very first time doing work experience and I like it. It was one of the best things I got to apply for because of my highly interest in medicine. It was a fullfilling of my desires when i actually got a position in working at the medicine faculty in UNSW, one of Australia's leading universities. The work style I get to experience is amazing; having a desk to your own, getting easy access to the office and the museum as if you’re a special person with a VIP pass, all that sort of things I obtain for a short period of time. The atmosphere here is one of those that I’d never want to let go of because of the lovely people that make up this fun, enjoyable and a safe place to be at. I always wanted to know what professional graduates do at work, and I know it may sound a bit awkward, but I’m feeling as if I am one of them professionals who know everything about the world of medicine. The kindness of the people I am with here in the museum is just way beyond fantastic. In fact, one of the professionals at the museum asked me what I was expecting from my work experience at the museum. She listened to my thoughts and gave me all of these amazing opportunities to have that were out of schedule, but still, she wanted to give me the best time of my life, and her mission succeeded, indeed. It is not just the people and the ambience of the place that make me favour the work experience, but also the content within the museum of human disease captivates my attention. I would have to say that my interest in knowing more about the body’s organs grew much more once I had the first chance to examine all of the pathology specimens located in different sections. One interesting specimen I found the most captivating was the lung that had emphysema. The surface of the lung was as a dark-brownish cheetah having pitch-black spots on it. The museum of human disease is full of the vast variety of infected specimens from real donors who were very generous in doing such an act; in fact, an attention-grabbing information I knew about the museum is that the oldest specimen found was from the 1800’s. That is a very appealing specimen. The safety of this museum is not far from 100%, so there’s nothing to worry about; it's all safe and sound. The work experience in the museum of human diseases has been one of the amazing things I got to do in my life!