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SCHOOL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES Honours Introductory Seminars

You are invited to attend the SOMS Honours Introductory Seminars that will be held from Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th May 2021.These seminars will be run online via Microsoft Teams (schedule attached).

Each presentation will be 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions. You can access any of the sessions via the links below:


Group A

Group B

Monday 10th May

A1 (9:30 am)

B1 (9:30 am)

A2 (12:00 pm)

B2 (12:00 pm)

A3 (2:30 pm)

B3 (2:30 pm)

Tuesday 11th May

A4 (9:30 am)

B4 (9:30 am)

A5 (12:00 pm)

B5 (12:00 pm)

A6 (2:30 pm)

B6 (2:30 pm)

Wednesday 12th May

A7 (9:30 am)

B6 (9:30 am)

A8 (12:00 pm)

B7 (12:00 pm)

A9 (2:30 pm)

B8 (2:30 pm)

Please feel free to forward the seminar schedule/links to peers and colleagues who may be interested in attending online.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminars!

Enquiries: Cristan Herbert, SoMS Honours Program Convenor & Trevor Lewis, SoMS Honours Program Co-Convenor

Event Date: 
Monday, 10 May 2021 - 9:30am
On Line Via Microsoft Teams
Open to: 
Staff & Students
Booking deadline: