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Robotized Opto-Biomechatronics Systems to unravel Structure-Function Relationships in Muscle

Neuroscience & Non-Communicable Diseases Special Seminar

Speaker: Prof. Oliver Friedrich, Institute of Medical Biotechnology, FAU Germany

To advance biomechatronics systems towards a new Industry 4.0 standard in biomedical sciences, we engineered various systems technologies that provide robotized, automated assessment of biomechanical material parameters in living tissues. To bridge the gap to structural assessment of these preparations into one recording system, we also included optical metrologies to forge multiple biophotonics principles into such systems. 
As examples of this new field of Opto-Biomechatronics, the MyoRobot, MechaMorph and IsoStretcher will be presented alongside with applications of those systems to study previously tedious biomechanics effects of, for instance, muscular dystrophy, desminopathy or cardiomyopathy, with more ease and standardization to execution and automated data analysis. 
Opto-Biomechatronics can bring together structural and functional data from tissues in health, disease or aging. There is a need for novel intuitive and engaging online tutorials and induction for researchers and students in prac classes alike, which will be presented here as a MyoRobot vLab that is jointly developed between FAU and UNSW.

All welcome. Drinks and snacks from 3:30pm, seminar starts, 4pm.

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Thursday, 12 December 2019 - 4:00pm
Kirby Seminar Space, level 6 Wallace Wurth Building UNSW
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