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Lowy Seminar Series: Identification of Essential Cell-surface Proteins and Novel Therapeutic Targets in Cancer

Lowy Seminar Series: Dr Philippe Roux, PhD Institute for Research in Immunology (IRIC), Montréal, Canada

Dr. Philippe P. Roux is Director of the Cell Signaling and Proteomics Laboratory at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC). He is also Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at the Université de Montréal, Canada. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology from the Université de Montréal, and his Ph.D. in Molecular Neuroscience from McGill University. He also completed Postdoctoral studies in Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School under the guidance of Dr. John Blenis.

Since establishing his group at IRIC, Dr. Roux has mainly worked in the field of cancer cell signaling, where he has been studying pathways that are often deregulated in metabolic diseases and cancer. The main goal of his lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in oncogenic signaling in order to decipher the molecular causes of cancer and identify novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers.

Dr Roux will be available for lunch and limited one-on-one meetings with interested researchers after the seminar. If you would like to schedule in some time, please email A/Prof Jeff Holst ( by Friday 7th of December COB.

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Thursday, 13 December 2018 - 11:00am
Level 4 Lowy Seminar Space
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