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Clinical Neuropsychiatry in the 21st Century: New developments, new challenges

The Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) and the Neuropsychiatric Institute, POWH invite you to the 2017 Neuropsychiatry Training Weekend:

Clinical Neuropsychiatry in the 21st Century: New Developments, New Challenges


Speakers include:
  • Professor Perminder Sachdev
  • Professor Andrew Somogyi
  • Professor Colleen Loo
  • Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert
  • Professor Iain McGregor
  • Professor Katherine Samaras
  • Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh
  • Professor Michael Breakspear
  • Associate Professor Clement Loy
  • Associate Professor David Brown
  • Associate Professor Ernest (Ernie) Somerville
  • Associate Professor Michael Valenzuela
  • Dr Adith Mohan
  • Dr Anna Takacs
  • Dr Lauren Taylor
  • Dr Rebecca Koncz
Key topics include:
  • Pharmacogenetics in the clinic 
  • Genomic medicine for the psychiatrist
  • Brain inflammation in psychiatric disorders
  • Newer drugs and treatments, such as ketamine and medical cannabis
  • Movement and seizures
  • Lifestyle prescription for the neuropsychiatric patient
  • Clinical relevance of advances in brain connectivity and neuroplasticity
WHEN: 17 & 18 March 2017
WHERE: Tyree Room, Scientia Building, UNSW
Early bird registration closes on 31st December 2016.
Program outline:
Friday 17th March 12.15pm – 5.00pm
Introduction Perminder Sachdev
Session 1: Bring Precision Medicine to Psychiatric Disorders
Should I sequence my patient’s genome and exome?
When do I use pharmacogenetics in my clinical practice?
Targeting inflammation in psychiatric disorders: ready for the clinic?
Clement Loy
Andrew Somogyi
David Brown
Afternoon Tea
Session 2: Why Should a Clinician Care?
The brain is a network
Defining neuroinflammation in major mental illness using blood
Michael Breakspear
Cyndi Shannon Weickert
Saturday 18th March 8.30am – 5.15pm
Session 3: Newer Treatments
Ketamine: What should we consider before embarking on clinical use as an antidepressant?
Medical cannabis: is it ready? Available?
Colleen Loo
Iain McGregor
Morning Tea
Session 4: Movements & Seizures
Psychogenic movement disorders 
Nonepileptic seizures: diagnostic aspects
Nonepileptic seizures: causes & management
Adith Mohan
Ernest (Ernie) Sommerville
Adith Mohan
Session 5: Prescribing 'lifestyle' for the Neuropsychiatric Patient
Prescribing exercise for brain health
Prescribing cognitive training
“What should I eat doctor?” Advising the neuropsychiatric patient and their carers
Panel Discussion: Lifestyle Factors
Maria Fiatarone Singh
Michael Valenzuela
Katherine Samaras
Afternoon Tea
Session 6: Clinical Space
Choroidal cysts/other incidental abnormalities
Arachnoid cysts
The SPECT scan is abnormal
Anna Takacs
Rebecca Koncz
Lauren Taylor
Perminder Sachdev


Event Date: 
Friday, 17 March 2017 - 12:00pm
Scientia Building, UNSW
Open to: 
Number of seats available: 
EARLYBIRD RATES: $395 Full Delegate | $295 Trainee Rate (after Earlybird rates are $495 and $395 respectively)
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Contact for inquiries: