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Translational Cancer Research Network Prize awarded

Congratulations to Alan Truong who was awarded the UNSW Translational Cancer Research Network Prize of $200 for the best performance in PATH3208 Cancer Sciences in December. The certificate was awarded by the Translational Cancer Research Network, the University of NSW and the Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick. The official prize giving ceremony is on Thursday 13th March 2014.

Cancer Sciences PATH3208 is an undergraduate course jointly run by School of Prince of Wales Clinical School (namely staff from the Adult Cancer Program of Lowy Cancer Research Centre, convened by Dr Caroline Ford and A/Prof Jia Lin Yang), School of Medical Science and School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences and taught by twenty five members of the TCRN.

Its aim is to help students to develop independent research ability and establish a bridge between scientific studies and research practice. A fundamental aim of this course is for students to identify relevant career goals and be exposed to the career options they will need as future members of a multidisciplinary research team, particularly in the setting of translational cancer research institutes, hospital-based cancer diagnostic laboratory and clinical trials organisations.

"Cancer Sciences was a very enriching course, in part due to its integration of theory, tutorials and first hand exposure to relevant fields in research. The course not only built upon previous knowledge of cancers from other courses, but also importantly sheds light on the current shortfalls in our understanding of cancer, including detection and treatment” stated Truong.

“The lectures also explored project design thoroughly, thus enabling students the ability to construct a study which explores the current gaps of knowledge in the cancer of their choosing. As someone who is embarking on an Honours project next year in Pathology and medicine in the future, I found this to be very beneficial. “

Truong noted that “the most enjoyable part of the course by far were the visits to different cancer research and laboratory sites, including the Prince of Wales Hospital and Lowy Cancer Research Centre. These experiences translated the theory in lectures to its application to the real world, as well as providing a small glimpse of the life as a researcher or surgeon. I highly recommend Cancer Sciences to students who are majoring in Pathology and interested in further research."

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