Health & Safety » Induction and Training

Any person who works in SoMS must be inducted into the school and laboratory, where relevant, by their supervisor or delegate and complete health and safety training relevant to the type of work they will be doing.

This applies to volunteers, visiting workers, contractors, students and staff. The level of training required will depend on the type of work, experience and expected length of stay at the university.


  • Supervisor completes office induction form and lab induction form (where relevant).
  • Any visitors can be inducted using the Visitors Induction Form.
  • Once the lab induction form is completed, the individual can be granted access to the lab but must only work under supervision until formal training has been completed and competency has been set.
  • Equipment custodian trains individuals on how to use different equipment in the lab. Once this is completed and the individual is deemed competent they may use the equipment.
  • Supervisor informs the individual of any immunisations they may need for the work they will be undertaking.
  • Supervisor informs the individual of any pre-employment medical assessments that are needed e.g. lung function testing for people working with animals
  • Supervisor and individual discuss training needs using the Individual Training Plan.
  • Complete mandatory health and safety training ergonomics on line and HS awareness training.
  • Complete workstation assessment checklist and adjust your chair.

Training for Honours/ILP/Postgraduate students

Student Training

Training for all others

Staff Training

Supervisors training

Anyone who supervises staff or students (e.g. honours, ILP, post-grad students) must attend H&S for Supervisors training. There are 2 courses available, one for lab-based supervisors (4hrs) and another for non-lab based supervisors (2hrs). Enrol through MyUNSW for dates for the next training session.

See also H&S for Supervisors

H&S committee training

All members of the SoMS H&S consultation committee must complete the two-day training course. Enrol through myUNSW.

Emergency training

The following training courses are available (see details here)

  • Provide First Aid Training (2 days)
  • Warden Course (3hrs)
  • Chief Warden Course (1 day)
  • Extinguisher Training (2hrs) - Upon request only

*NOTE: You are not automatically re-called for training when your first aid certificate expires, you must arrange this yourself*

Animal Care and Ethics Training

Research Ethics and Compliance Support provides various training courses. See courses and seminars offered at UNSW.