SoMS Server & Information Access Form

image - SoMS Staff/Student Record Update

Please include as much information as possible so that SoMS administrative staff can 

  • locate staff and students for deliveries, works &services, etc
  • allocate access to folders on SoMS servers
  • identify Early Career Researchers
  • build email lists for building notices, seminars and events.

Incomplete submissions will be followed up via email before access to SoMS systems is provided.

Any questions about this form may be sent to Mike Williams (x58288) or Vicky Sawatt (x58195), Wallace Wurth Level 2 West, 255. 

DO NOT RE-SUBMIT THIS FORM UNLESS REQUESTED BY ADMIN TEAM. If you are having server connection problems after your form has been processed, contact IT Service Desk x51333

All staff: check your staff directory details on myUNSW are current and published. 

Academics: please update/publish your academic profile on Research Gateway.  The photo and information there forms the basis for your profile on the SoMS website. (Instructions)

must be used for all correspondence with UNSW staff
or "open-plan workstation"
multiple selection available
Used to identify Early Career Researchers. If before 2009, simply state year in qualifications (below)
Used by UNSW to prepare university global rankings. Please state institution where highest degree awarded.
Contract / Visit end date (if known)
additional notes/requests
Please verify that you are not a robot.