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Important phone numbers

UNSW Emergency number: 02 9385 6666 (Ext 56666)

Employee Assistance Programme: 1300 360 364

NSW Needlestick Injury Helpline: 1800 804 823


Lowy Security Office Ext. 52430
Wallace Wurth Ground floor atrium  
Wallace Wurth Level 6 (Kirby reception)  
Lifestyle Clinic Botany Street Ext. 53352
24 Arthur Street Ext. 58709

See the Emergency Management Unit's webpages for detailed documentation.


In case of an evacuation follow the emergency procedures poster displayed in your building (in the Wallace Wurth they are displayed in the West Wing by the lifts and in the East Wing in the fire stairwell) and the Wallace Wurth Evacuation Protocol.

Evacuation routes from the Wallace Wurth are as shown in the image below:

image - Emergencies

The Kensington Campus evacuation assembly area map (PDF) provides an overview of evacuation routes and assembly areas for all buildings on campus. If you are teaching in another building, you need to know where the evacuation assembly point is for that building.

Evacuation drills are planned every 6 months. It is best that they reflect real-life as much as possible, therefore only certain people are notified of the drill in accordance with the SoMS Pre-notification of drill protocol.


Each lab should have spills kits located inside to deal with minor spills in the area (biological/chemical/cytotoxic/radiation) with a SWP on how to use it. See the UNSW Safety website for various spills procedures (search "spills").

The major spills kit can be found in the first aid room on the 4th floor of the Lowy Building:

image - Emergencies image - Emergencies
Spill kit location - 4th floor Lowy First aid room Major spill kit

First Aid

A full list of first aid trained persons is on display in every building (in the Wallace Wurth the list is next to the lift and/or in the kitchen areas of the East Wing).

There are first aid kits located throughout the Wallace Wurth & Lowy buildings and inside labs.

Alarmed equipment

In the event of an equipment alarm security will contact the emergency contact person for the equipment/area. Please ensure that emergency contact details are available on all doors and essential equipment. 

Emergency personnel 

You can find a list of the Emergency Control Organisation for the Wallace Wurth & Lowy buildings on the Wallace Wurth ECO Teams/Sharepoint site (send brief message in space provided to gain access to site)

If you wish to join the Emergency Control Organisation contact the building Chief Warden (or deputy).