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The Museum of Human Disease runs excursions for high school students and other education groups. Our main offerings are designed for HSC Biology, HSC PDHPE and Junior Science, but feel free to get in contact and discuss options for other groups as well.


Museum workshops generally run for two hours. Different HSC Biology topics can be combined into a four hour session, including a half hour lunch break.

The PDHPE, Junior Science and Biology (Infectious/Non-infectious Diseases) units consist of a 45 minute presentation looking at specimens and diseases relevant to their respective curriculum, followed by 75 minutes in the museum exploring our specimens and answering quiz questions in the Socrative app or on a worksheet.

The Biology (Genetics) unit consists of a 35 minute presentation revising genetics concepts followed by a station-based series of activities and questions in the museum, using our specimens to help explore the subject in more detail.

The Biology (Depth Studies primer session) unit consists of a 30 minute presentation going through the scientific process and what makes a reliable study, followed by 90 minutes where students will use our specimens and resources to write up a case study about a particular disease before coming up with a series of questions that they can use after the visit to expand the case study into a full depth study.


Excursions are $13 per student (inc. GST) for a two hour session. All teachers are free. HSC Biology groups have three units of work to choose from (Disease, Genetics or Depth Studies primer session); two of these can be combined for a four hour session at a cost of $21 per student (inc. GST).

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All student visits now run on digital resources.  This requires students to download the "Socrative" app to a smart device prior to coming to the Museum.  A version of the worksheet can be found at the links below. Download for Apple devices, Android devices and Chrome devices.

At the end of the visit you as the teacher are emailed PDFs of the individual student worksheets (partially corrected) and a table of your classes responses to all questions.

If you would rather we can provide photocopy masters of the original; paper worksheets.

Visitor Information

We provide information on getting to the university, parking and risk assessment as part of the booking confirmation process. If you require this information earlier, please let us know by emailing