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My time at UNSW Museum of Human Disease was interesting and full of new experiences. Walking into the museum for the first time was so different to what I was expecting, and almost overwhelming. After having a look around, I discovered the museum to be so rich with information and amazing stories, and not as daunting as I first thought.

I found the office area to always be calm, relaxed and often fun. All the staff are so friendly and made the whole work experience ordeal so much easier and much more comfortable for me. They helped me with everything to do with the campus, like where to find food or books shops, and how to catch busses both to and from the University, without getting lost again. The first day was interesting from the very beginning, catching busses I had never heard of and getting lost in the huge UNSW campus. After arriving a little bit late, everyone was just happy to see I had made it safely.

My experiences at the museum are some to remember. I sorted through a whole room of specimens, made new displays for the museum, tested educational material and much, much more

For someone doing biology for years 11 and 12, or someone interested in medicine or science, I would highly suggest at least a visit, if not work experience at the museum. There are so many different things to be found in the museum, ranging from diseases like cancer, to bullet wounds. I believe that a position at the museum was a great decision because I believe that it is good to choose work experience in the general field of what you want to do, giving you an idea of how that field works. My work experience at the museum definitely helped me understand the field of medicine and science and was one of the best possible places I could have chosen for such an amazing experience in the field.

Working at the museum, even just for a week, I have realised that science and medicine really is what I want to do after school, and the museum just helped to push me further in the direction I would like to go. Work experience here at the museum is so much fun and so worthwhile, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested.

Thank you to all the museum staff for having me over the past week,