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Lifestyle Plus is a 12 week physical activity and lifestyle program for people with lifestyles that place them at risk of chronic health conditions and/or injury. This includes poor postural habits, physical fitness, nutritional habits and stress management issues. Lifestyle Plus includes health screening and assessments, five supervised exercise sessions and consultations, serving as both a workplace-health and community-health program.  

The program places a strong emphasis on self-empowerment and self-management. Proven health-behaviour change strategies are implemented to ensure long-term adherence for improved health and quality of life outcomes.

  • Initial and final assessment reports to client and key parties
  • 5 exercise and lifestyle consultations provided over 12 weeks
  • Provision of self-monitoring and motivational tools for independent exercise, such as exercise bands and exercise tubing, pedometers, heart-rate monitors, and an exercise diary

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Lifestyle & Wellbeing Report

The Health and Wellbeing Report forms the Initial Consultation and Assessment of the Lifestyle Plus program. It can be carried out independently of the Lifestyle Plus program as a stand-alone service. It includes the following:

1. Physical fitness assessment
2. Cardiac Risk-factor assessment *
3. Nutritional assessment
4. Postural and functional analysis *

The cost can be credited towards the Lifestyle Plus program should clients wish to take up this service following their assessment.