Lifestyle Clinic

Lifestyle Clinic

Exercise Therapies for Cancer

Download our ‘Exercise and Lifestyle Therapies’ brochure.

The UNSW Lifestyle Clinic is a leader in clinical services, and research in exercise and lifestyle therapies for people with chronic disease. A primary focus of the clinic is to provide evidence-based treatments for people afflicted or recovering from cancer - including those affected by post-cancer fatigue (PCF). The clinic is unique in that it provides programs and services for both adults and children/adolescents affected by cancer.

We treat people at different stages of their cancer experience, namely:

  • During treatment (adjuvant therapy)
  • After treatment (cancer recovery)
  • Advanced cancer

Approximately 80% of referred patients perform a home-based exercise program utilising cost-effective exercise resources such as exercise bands or tubing, pedometers, heart-rate monitors, and physical activity diaries.

Alternatively, cancer patients can also access the renowned Strength Clinic facility – used to treat people with a variety of cancer experiences including bowel cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. The Strength Clinic is a fully-equipped facility with specialised strength training equipment. Cancer patients are supervised (one-to-one) by Exercise Physiologists, attending two to three sessions per week over a 12 week treatment cycle.

Children and adolescents may access the MediKids program as an alternative to home-based exercise programs.

An interview with Cancer Australia discussing how the Lifestyle Clinic can assist people with cancer:

Download our ‘Exercise and Lifestyle Therapies’ brochure.