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The Lifestyle Clinic has forged strong links with the Central & Eastern Sydney Primary Health Care Network (CESPHN), as well as the South-Eastern Sydney Local Health District and Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD).

The burden of lifestyle-related disease and disability in Australia is highlighted by the following facts:

  • Inactivity is the second highest lifestyle-related cause of chronic disease and illness in Australia – only behind smoking (1-2)
  • Less than 2.0% of GP consultations involve physical activity advice (3)
  • Graded exercise is highly effective in preventing and/or treating most of the major common chronic diseases of modern society (4-7)
  • almost 70% of the Australian adult population fail to meet the minimum recommendations for physical activity (8)

Seven out of ten general practice visits are related to chronic disease. Physical activity and lifestyle play a major role in both the cause and effect of many chronic conditions – most of which comprise the nation’s top 10 leading illnesses.


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