Health & Safety » H&S in SoMS

Health and Safety is central to both teaching and research activities in the School of Medical Sciences. This commitment to H&S can be seen in SoMS's active H&S Committee, which was first formed in 2001, in the appointment of academic staff as Safety Supervisors for Radiation, Biological and Chemical Safety, and in a full time H&S officer to facilitate H&S initiatives within the School.

The school is committed to meet the requirements of the UNSW H&S policy and implement the aims and strategies outlined within.

Each each SoMS completes a health and safety Self Audit Tool (SAT) to check its compliance with UNSW procedures and guidance. Any non-conformances identified are put into an action table for completion.

Safety Supervisors

Radiation Safety Supervisor Shudi Tang  
Chemical Safety Supervisor Matthias Klugmann (02) 9385 2910
Biological Safety Supervisor Patsie Polly (02) 9385 2924