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Professor Lars Ittner is internationally known for his expertise in developing and analysing new mouse models of human conditions. He has published 69 articles (since commencing his career in 2003), including in top-ranked scientific journals such as Cell, Nature Medicine, Cell Stem Cell, (2x) Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Genes & Development and (3x) PNAS. His work has been cited over 2200 times. He is utilizing and developing latest technologies (such as his own transgenic facility) and combines his medical understanding with his molecular expertise to translate today's discoveries in disease models such as mice, into tomorrows treatments for patients suffering from neurodegenerative conditions. To do this efficiently, he has and will continue to engage with industrial partners for developing and testing novel drugs targeting pathology.

Lars Ittner graduated in medicine from the University of Ulm in Germany in 2001, and was awarded with the Doctor of Medicine from the University of Zurich in Switzerland in 2002. In 2002 Lars was selected into the highly competitive Postgraduate (PG) Course for Experimental Biology and Medicine, held at the University of Zurich. After completing the PG course, he became a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the laboratory of Prof Fischer till June 2005. His work focused on G-protein coupled receptors and neural crest stem cells. In July 2005, he joined Prof Jürgen Götz as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to establish the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease Laboratory at the Brain & Mind Research Institute of the University of Sydney, focusing his work on neurodegenerative disorders. In 2007, Lars became a group leader at the Brain & Mind Research Institute, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in January 2009. In April 2011, he was promoted to Associate Professor and has led the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease Laboratory since early 2012. In July 2013, Lars joined the School of Medical Sciences at the University of New South Wales and Neuroscience Research Australia to head the Dementia Research and Transgenic Animal Units. In January 2014 Lars became a full Professor in the Department of Anatomy at the University of New South Wales.

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